Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Shelf

When you live in a smaller space like I do, but still love to decorate, it's good to have a spot in which to be creative! So here's the Valentine's Day Holiday Shelf:

I adjusted one of my favorite pics of my husband and I for the frame (the frame came from Walmart, the pic was taken by Little Lane Photography), I added a vintage black pin to dress things up a bit, the hearts and other pics came from Valentine's Day cards, the Coke bottle came straight from the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, GA, and the sweet little LOVE candles and black and white ribbon came from Walmart, as well.
The Happy Valentine's Day floral pick came from Big Lots (my husband picked it up and suggested it as a part of the Holiday Shelf, actually...I was so pleased!) And sadly, I can't even remember where the red vase came from. Probably Hobby Lobby - I've been known to purchase numerous items there!
Somehow this little spot of decor brightens everything for me!

As for Valentine's Day, my hubby grilled some chicken on his new grill, and I threw together some salad, honey-glazed carrots and garlic mashed potatoes. Chocolate for dessert, of course! These are my favorites: CLICK HERE

Since it's so odd to me to celebrate Valentine's Day in the middle of the week, we actually headed over to Orlando on Saturday and spent the President's Day weekend there to finish up our celebration of love!

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!

(Oh, and to see the original Holiday Shelf, CLICK HERE!)

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