Friday, February 22, 2013

Made-to-Order Lampshade

About two months ago, our cat was flying around the house being ridiculous, and knocked one of our matching lamps off the end-table in the living room. She broke the dang thing. Did I mention that they were matching?

Since I couldn't find another lamp to match the non-broken one, I bought two new lamps, kept the lampshades (which were not damaged) and everything was fine. Except I still had one lamp with no shade left. And no place at home to put it.

But with a new office at the insurance agency where I work full time, I knew I could use it there. The problem was, I still had no lampshade.

So I spent several months looking for said lampshade, finally found the perfect one on Walmart's website, and I ordered it (on clearance) for about $6. Wohoo, right?

Except when the box came, here's what it looked like:

Yeah. So you can imagine what the shade itself looked like. Pitiful. Unfixable. Sold out. Returned.

The search continued...with no results.

I finally decided to just get a plain lampshade and add some pretty embellishments.

I purchased a ribbon and what I call a "floofy" to add with the trusty hot-glue gun.

So I started gluing the ribbon on. Except I ran into a little issue.

The ribbon started to ruffle. I guess between the hot glue and the fact that the lamp was curved and not flat, it just didn't lay straight. So I ruffled/pleated it on purpose instead!

Then I added my lovely "floofy"!
And here's my final product, on the console table in my office, fixed atop the base!

Whatcha think?

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