Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Dinner 2012

I decided to try something a little different for ME this post, although it's very similar to the blogs I follow on a daily basis.

If you follow any other "domestic" blogs, you watch them redo rooms, or complete craft projects, or plan parties, with lots of photos and links included. So, I'm gonna give it a go.

Allow me to walk you through our Easter Dinner this year!

My husband and I hosted the Saturday evening dinner at our home, since my mom had company in town for the holiday. Mind you, we are currently in a cozy apartment, perfectly sized for us and CoCo the kitty, but a bit small for 11 people. Yep. ELEVEN.

I dressed up the area above the dining room table (where I had the buffet set up) with Tissue Paper Pom Poms. I had made these for our Wedding Celebration, but somehow I think I used a kit...because these didn't turn out exactly how I wanted them. But they were still pretty and added some spring color. (Tissue Paper Pom Pom Tutorial)

This is the Lemon Trifle that I made for the occasion. I thought it looked bright and springtime fresh, too. I received this Pampered Chef Trifle Bowl from my dear friend Rhenda for our wedding, and I had yet to use it! I've got a stash of trifle recipes now - can't wait to make more in the future! (Lemon Trifle Recipe)

This is a Key Lime Dessert I made at the request of my husband, also spring-like. (I have a Betty Crocker calendar hanging up, and this was the picture and recipe for April.) "How many times do I have to walk by this and look at it before you actually make it?" he questioned. (Key Lime Pie is his FAVORITE, so I guess he figured he'd like this, too. And he did!) (Key Lime Dessert Recipe)

I also baked a ham, some rolls and a green bean casserole, my aunt brought salad and dressing, my mom brought a sweet potato casserole and my cousin was in charge of the drink. Quite a spread we had...I guess I forgot to take a picture of it.

Since we were eating on the patio, I decided to do a little bit of decor out there. This is my Happy Easter bunting. I had to explain what a bunting was to my husband and my mom, and my husband proclaimed that if I had just called it a banner he would have been good. My mom wondered where the baby was, if I was making a bunting. Anyways...I thought it was pretty and festive! (Bunting Tutorial)

Believe it or not, I actually stumbled upon these pretty paper lanterns at Dollar Tree. And I'm all about a bargain, so they were snatched up to hang along the patio, as well.

This is what the place settings were SUPPOSED to look like, alas, we live in the Florida where the weather tends to go from calm to crazy in no time, and due to the wind, I wasn't able to actually "set" the table with these. But they were SO cute! The plates and napkins were another Dollar Tree find, and the place cards were a free printable from...I can't remember, I'm sorry! The clothespin idea came from the dark recesses of my mind, I guess. I added pretty scrapbook stickers to them to dress them up a bit. I also used them for holding down the edge of the tablecloths against the wind.

Here's our seating area, complete with pale yellow plastic table covers and cute watering pots (more Dollar Tree finds) and the sweet flowers inside the pots came from our local WalMart Garden Center.

The other thing I forgot to do was set up the camera and tripod and get a group shot of everyone seated at the table. But all in all, we had a wonderful time! Hope you enjoyed the description; do let me know what you think!

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