Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Holiday Shelf

While on my way to work this morning, I watched a few kids load up on the bus, and I smiled, thinking that all is right with the world again. School is back in session (in the county in which I reside, at least) and things are getting back to normal after all the unstructured activities of the summer.

In the same breath I realized, I have not even blogged about my Summer Holiday Shelf! And it's practically Fall!

So, here you go! (Oh, and if you want to see the original creation of the Holiday Shelf, click here!)

I started with one of my grandma's crystal goblets, and added some pretty artificial daisies from The Dollar Tree.

I added a fantastic Summer Love printable that can be found over at Landee See Landee Do, and some pink daisies (also from The Dollar Tree), too!

This purple candle is from Walmart (lavender-scented) simply because I love purple and wanted it for the shelf!

And my hourglass =) This is a favorite of my decorations because it reminds me that life is short! (I perched it a-top a votive candle-holder to add some height.)

I made this little garland out of paper cupcake liners, folded in half, hole-punched and strung with a pretty white ribbon.

Ta da! Summer Holiday Shelf! My husband said it looked pretty "Springy", but it was the printable I built it around, and THAT says SUMMER, so I'm good =)

How do YOU decorate for Summer? I wanna see!

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