Thursday, October 11, 2012

The List Book

Some people might have a "To-Do" list. Yep, I have one of those. (Well, more than one, to be honest!) Those are located at my full-time job - my daily list, my lunch list, and my "do this on your way home or when you get home" list!

But I also have a List Book.

Early in life, I found that making a list of things helped me to organize my thoughts, and since I've always had lots of different activities going on, it helped me not to forget anything at the same time. As time went on, I ended up with not only a few more "projects" but also the need to condense everything together in some concise form.

Enter: The List Book! Now, no more pieces of paper floating all over creation!

I happen to LOVE Vera Bradley, hence the pretty pattern! And it's not big - about the size of your average diary or journal.

So, what do I mean by a List Book?

It's pretty simple: it's full of lists. Lists such as...
  • People to Have Over for Dinner
  • Office Projects
  • Living Room Projects
  • Dining Room Projects (okay, every room of the house has a list, so you get the idea!)
  • Places to Go (for when me and my hubby both actually have a day off at the same time!)
  • Songs for CD (one day we plan on recording one!)
  • Dishes to Try
  • To Blog Of
  • Books to Read
  • Shows to Watch
  • Things to do in D.C. (our next vacation spot!)

I basically condensed down all the lists I had floating all around, and put them into one notebook! And that's not all this helps me with...

Also in the List Book, I keep listings of all of my frequented websites, along with account numbers, usernames, passwords, things like that. Yes, they are color-coded (with MARKERS, for my friends who LOVE to pick on me for this aspect of my O.C.D., ha!): Pink is Personal, Green is Photography and Yellow is Clever Container.

Whoops, that picture had no yellow on it.

There we go!

It's so easy to be able to grab this book and look up exactly what I need in a split second, or, when I get a brilliant idea, use it to make a brand new list!

And yes, sometimes things change. Lists get completed and websites expire, etc. That's why, at the beginning of every year, a new List Book is purchased, and all the necessary information is transferred over!

Try this on for size in YOUR life! I promise you'll feel more organized!


  1. Visiting from sew darn party link up. Very organised to have a book to sort things

    1. Thank you for your kind words! And thanks for stopping by =) LOVE Sew Darn Crafty Linking Parties!

  2. awesome idea!!!! im new to this stuff but you have inspired me!!! thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw, thanks Holly! And welcome to the blog!